So I often get crap from people cause I don't post info about things until right before they happen. And this is an entirely warranted complaint. But in an effort to try and not be so last minute, I'm giving you a whole 4 days heads up on this one. It's gonna be a crazy fun rowdy good time show. Come get your pants dirty.


Gimme Head

A group art show on October, Friday the 13th

Show dates: October 13th –October 27th
Opening Reception: October 13th, Friday the 13th from 6- 10 pm
Where: 49 Bogart St. (Gallery) Brooklyn, NY 11206

Brooklyn, NY (October 13, 2006) Several artists have been invited to participate in a group show called Gimme Head, curated by Dennis McNett. The idea of the show comes from a conversation at the bedside of the legendary Richard Mock. The conversation went like this:

D: I’m sick of looking at those big damn Chuck Close heads.
RM: He’s been doing those for years now.
D: You don’t want to get stuck doing heads over and over
M: well not unless they’re drippin and oozin shit.

Each artist has been asked to submit up to three heads. There will be a variety of animal heads, monster heads, dripping heads, oozing heads, barbequed heads, etc… heads of all flavors will be printed, painted, sculpted, and projected all over the gallery space.

The show will include nearly 50 artists including:
Swoon, Shepard Fairey, Bill Fick, Alice Helander, Mike Houston, Martin Mazorra, Sean Starwars, Lindsay Stadig, FA-Q, Ali Gallagher, Strider, Ghost, Nevett Steele III, Maya Hayuk, Steve Olson, Mike Novak, Tom Billings, Leon Reid, The Amazing Hancock Brothers, Jesse Jones, Crozier Piguet, Florence Gidez, Bill McRight, Bec Stupak, BlairWear TM, Toyo Tsuchiya, Michael Krynski, Damara Kaminecki, Jon Bocksel, JJ Veronis, Eli Vandenberg, Angellina Earley, Tod Seelie, Rachel Budde, Joseph Valesquez, J. Pereira, Jacob Bannon, Frank Russo, Martina Secondo Russo, Maxim Ryazansky, Tom Huck, Michael Alan, Pat Bronowicki, Kevin Golden, Jenny Schmid, Bryan Condra, Dusty Herbig, Rezeon Scum, Eliza Cuttler, Joe Stauber, Peripheral Media Projects, Derrick Riley, Mark Parrish, Peter Vogl, Mike Novak, Dennis McNett, and more….

With musical performance by the Goddamn Rattlesnake




Can you tell that just the idea of CMJ has already worn me out? Well, it has. Sigh. This is a cover of a song by a guy.

• Mat Weddle - Hey Ya

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