Not sure if you heard about this, but on Friday the 13th a Houston cop tried to forcibly arrest Adam of the Two Gallants. . . while he was performing onstage. Yeah, this cop actually got on stage and tried to arrest Adam in front of the entire audience. Why? Because there had been a noise complaint, at a music venue, during the Two Gallants (sorry, they aren't quite stadium-rocking metal-volume no matter how much you like them). So Officer Cowboy Balls is scuffling with Adam and Tyson on stage, and surprise surprise, the crowd protests. Wanna know what happens next? This cop starts tasering skinny indie rock kids left and right. This works until backup arrives and more arrests are made. So what is the moral of this story? If you're a band, stay the f*ck out of Houston.

Videos of it all going down on YouTube:
- Scuffle onstage, cop calls for backup, and knocks camera to the ground
- Cop assaults cameraman, shoves him into Langhorne Slim's 90 year old upright bass (destroying it), and then goes on the taser-fueled warpath
- Cop hunting kids, taser in hand

More info, pics, and video over at Stereogum.



I hate the original version of this song, but this cover has me reaching for it first thing in my iTunes. That takes skill. And it shouldn't be too surprising, considering this is from the very band that kicked off this whole site back in 2004 (somewhere last month was a two-year anniversary, damned if I can keep track).

• Cloud Cult - Mr. Tamborine Man

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  1. wow, i'll stay out, don't need to tell me twice. i can't wait to hear what the 'official' report is.

  2. you heard Will Oldham doing Elton John's Daniel?

  3. Yes, that covers album is a lot of fun. In fact I posted "Daniel" back in November. So yeah, good call.

  4. That means I probably have another copy of it buried in my ipod, never listened to.

  5. Stay out of Houston? Fuck that, every band in the world should go play there now as often as possible. No need to let Officer Cowboy Balls have his way and drive the music away.

  6. Yeah. Well lets see what the City of Houston does about Officer Cowboy Balls' behavior. I have a strong feeling it's going to be absolutely nothing, therefore condoning it. The recipients of his taser rampage aren't important enough to warrant any disciplinary action in the eyes of the city, so unless someone brings a lawsuit (which is expensive and therefore unlikely) I think this is the end of the story.