This just in from Time's Up, the NYPD has given it another go redifining their unconstitutional parade law (the main crutch of their Critical Mass persecution). Unfortunately it seems to have appeased important early opponents, such as Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn. Blurb from the NY Times below, more info at OnNYTurf and Razor Apple. Looks like the famous Halloween ride might be the last one before we return to the days of arresting hippies on bikes in NYC again. Sigh.

Oh, and apparently there is also a provision in the works to make it a crime to PROMOTE any such "illegal" activity. That's right, you are now no longer allowed to say what you want about what you want. But wait, I'm sure you knew that already. Anyone else see that movie V For Vendetta?


Manhattan: New Rules for Parade Permits

Published: October 18, 2006
The New York Times

After recent court rulings found the Police Department's parade regulations too vague, the department is moving to require parade permits for groups of 10 or more bicyclists or pedestrians who plan to travel more than two city blocks without complying with traffic laws. It is also pushing to require permits for groups of 30 or more bicyclists or pedestrians who obey traffic laws. The new rules are expected to be unveiled in a public notice today. The department will discuss them at a hearing on Nov. 27. Norman Siegel, a lawyer whose clients include bicyclists, said the new rules "raise serious civil liberties issues."




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  1. and we will figure out other ways to ride our bikes in large groups.
    they are so fucking bored, oh wait, I'm so fucking bored of the police trying to figure out how to control every little thing. Imagine if they learned about multi-orgasms for men, that might keep them occupied in the bathroom doing pee excercises long enough that they would stop bothering critical mass.

    Those excercises are hard!