(MRA = Miss Rockaway Armada)

it's two in the morning, pissing rain, and I'm sitting on a stranger's front porch to pick up their wireless signal just to bring you this little update from Minnesota. We've landed at an amazing build location on the Mississippi, north of downtown Minneapolis. It has a spacious backyard, great water access, a dock, houseboats, a jet ski, a trampoline, a fairy castle, and most importantly an indoor bathroom (even if it is in a spider-infested basement). Building has been going well, if not arduously and a bit slowly. One of the crew rigged up an electrified wire to cut/melt styrofoam into custom shapes/sizes and that has made packing the pontoons much easier. The heat has been unbelievable and I have already succumbed to sun/heat related illness at least once. Dumpstering for food has been going really well, especially now that a friendly local, Dan, has shown some of our crew around a bit. The Barnstormers showed up today with a huge custom-painted sound system for the raft that they drove all the way from South Carolina. And apparently one of our female crew members swam across the river last night, snuck into a scrap yard, and then proceeded to climb to the top of one of the four story tall metal scrap heaps. . . naked. And we haven't even started the trip yet.



Have you heard of Girl Talk? You probably have, it's the new hot-sh*t on the block. I don't need to say much more than "mash-ups on crack" to get you up to speed. But apparently the rapid-fire sample-everything approach is leaving music nerds with neck injuries from spinning their heads so hard.

• Girl Talk - Once Again

• Girl Talk - Bounce That

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  1. wow. when peak oil hits, i'm with you guys. new zealand, anyone?

  2. heat related illness already?! i hope that kit serves you well.