Still ain't dead. Now we've made it to Winona, our first big stop on the river. We've lost a few of our core crew members at this point (as in they had to leave, not that we forgot them on some remote shore when we shoved off in the morning). Getting here we were still riding on the high of camping on enormous sand dunes, and the generous people of Wabasha, MN. They let us camp in the park, brought us food (like venison), watched our never-been-rehearsed vaudville show (and liked it), took care of our duck, and a city council member even drove down to a lock the day we left to bring us MORE food that had been gathered for us. Ridiculous.

So another list, this one of injuries I have personally sustained:
- Mosquito bites so numerous they literally overlap, and have gone so far as to end up on my ears, toes, knuckles, and lips.
- The aforementioned broken bottle up in the foot (I'm no longer limping, finally).
- Hit very solidly in the head twice, once with a huge metal pipe, once with a solid piece of 2x4. You don't see stars as much as white dots, really.
- Lost a good chunk of finger and most of my cuticle in a nasty pinch when the engine unexpectedly came down on it.
- Banged my head on the structure of the front section of the raft so many times we started keeping a talley. I broke 30 days ago, and for a while had about half a dozen scabs on my head to prove it.
- Tweaked my back pretty bad the other day, talk about inevitable.
- All the flies that have gravitated to the boat not only bite, but nibble at your open wounds. That's not so much an injury as gross and annoying.

Of course all of this doesn't compare one lick to Iris. He has had so many burns, cuts, bites, sctratches, bruises, and anything else you can think of that we had to make him leather gauntlets just to protect his arms when he's wrangling an overheating engine that's spitting boiling water. Next are some leather spats, water that boils up eventually falls down, after all.

Oh yeah, and a whole gallery of (mostly) new photos from the trip thus far is up here.



Goddamn I can't get enough of this album. Damn. So good.

• Ratatat - Kennedy

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  1. your pictures are amazing from this trip tod. i think it just may be worth the scars on the forehead...

  2. tom and huck are smiling at yous.
    keep up the good work.

  3. I was wondering why you were hit in the head with an iron pipe and a 2x4?