(the crowd goes wild - fireworks in the background, Japanther tears it up till concerns over the roof caving in bring it all to a halt, Parts & Labor in full form, and the ever jubilant Matt & Kim)

What a damn crazy weekend. I've always felt that Fourth Of July is probably the best holiday to be in NYC for. Starting it off with a Critical Mass ride (see previous post), I then saw Pixeltan perform, followed by Bicycle Fetish Day, Sweatshop Labor's rooftop BBQ, and then to the Brooklyn Museum of Art's First (free) Fridays to see Swoon's new installation. And that was just Friday and Saturday. Sunday was the CitySol outdoor festival presented by Solar One, where Japanther played under a huge tarp so as to not let a little rain stop the show (or the crowd surfing). And then of course the Fourth of July. Ian from Japanther and Todd P. put together a benefit show for the disaster relief organization Common Ground. It was exactly what a NYC Fourth of July should be. Burgers and hot dogs on a spacious roof, watching the sun go down surrounded by nice people while some of your favorite local bands perform, and of course the occasional round of fireworks going off in the neighborhood (or in the crowd as well). Even when they kicked everyone out cause the roof was threatening to collapse it didn't end. We just wandered to another rooftop party and listened to some great Djing by one of the members of Finger On The Pulse. Not a bad way to do it at all. . .



Here's a version of one of those great songs that always seem better when reinterpreted. I mean I like Cat Stevens (sometimes), but just about every version of this song I've ever heard seems to do it far more justice than the original. Weird.

• The Koobas - The First Cut Is The Deepest

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  1. Really? What about that version by Sheryl Crow?

  2. That "version" is an atrocity to music, musicians, people with ears, and humanity everywhere. Iraq nothing, we need to be blowing up Sheryl Crow.