(from the Miss Rockaway Armada benefit show: Japanther, Aa, The Goddamn Rattlesnake & Poor Boy Johnson, Lidia Stone, and the crowd went wild)

There's nothing that says Brooklyn summer like riding your bike around quiet streets at night and coasting through three cascades of water from open fire hydrants in one block. In the morning, traffic lights at major intersections (like Flushing & Bushwick) go on the fritz due to power outages, but some guy from the neighborhood quickly steps up and spends the better part of the morning directing traffic in 90+ degree heat.

Speaking of heat, it broke a friend of mine's cell phone. It wasn't heat that did it in exactly, it was water damage. It's been so hot that my friend's sweat soaked into the phone and killed it while he was using it.

And thank you to all the bands that helped make the Miss Rockaway Armada benefit show a really fun success. And of course thanks to all the friends and friendly strangers who came out to support us and have a good time in a weird Polish night club on a week night. Now let's just hope we know how to float.



Hawnay Troof is Chris from the legendary XBXRX. With this project he ventures more into simple-beats hip hop with shouty/chanty vocals. It ends up being perfect jump-around-dance-in-your-underpants music. Not that I would know.

• Hawnay Troof - Left Arm Vacant

A place in myspace.

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