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I was watching a Hispanic game show last saturday night while I was doing my laundry, they had a contest where proud parents raced their barely-crawling infants across the floor to win a new car or something. It was pretty tv-style-surreal. But then I remembered seeing "Mutton Busting" at a rodeo years ago. Mutton busting comes from bronco busting, only instead of broncos they use sheep, and instead of cowboys they use small children. They take kids out of the audience, slap a bike helmet on them, put them on the back of a confused sheep, tell them to hold tight, and then kick the sheep in the ass. The sheep takes off (well as fast as sheep can go) with the kid on its back quickly transforming from naive bravado to clenched-fists-holding-on-for-dear-life. Eventually the kid bounces off, gets stepped on by the sheep, and is scooped up a crying traumatized mess and held up in front of hundreds of screaming strangers and bright stadium lights. Then they go and do it all over again with another kid. Now that's entertainment.



Good punk rock makes you feel so damn good. Why is it that we're supposed to grow out of this again?

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