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So some of you may have wondered where I've been lately (although most of you just download my podcast and never read this thing anyway). Well I've been busy, busy preparing work for these two exhibitions: The 6th Annual Vice Photo Issue Exhibition and Depth Of Field, a juried show of 16 Pratt alumni photographers from the past 10 years. The Vice show will have work from one of my websites, Everyday I Live, and the Pratt show will be exhibiting photos from another (very different) website, Of Quiet. The Vice show opens on saturday in Chelsea, the Pratt show opens next thursday the 15th, although you should rsvp if you wanna go (check the invite). I've also been learning how to build bikes at Times Up, shooting events for the Village Voice (like a kung-fu version of "The Importance Of Being Earnest"), designing cards for the Bicycle Film Festival, going to Grub, and working on getting ready to build a raft to go down the Mississippi in August (yes, really). So yeah, that's my excuse. If anyone can recommend a really good/affordable place to get drums scans in the future, maybe this won't have to happen again.



I recently posted about cops in Winnipeg, Canada going apeshit on Critical Mass riders. Well a nice reader submitted a great track to accompany that post. . . John K. Samson (from Propagandhi and The Weakerthans) doing "One Great City! (I Hate Winnipeg)."

• John K. Samson - One Great City!

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