Sometimes you can forget that you live in NYC. But when a lesiurely bike ride home can quickly end with your friend in cuffs in the back of an unmkarked car. . . there's no where else you could be (and no, we didn't run any red lights). So after waiting for over half an hour to talk to a desk sergent, you then have to ride home alone carrying his bike bag. Pretty sad way to end a night really.

However I've just found out that another cyclist was killed this morning, making it three this month (the doctor who was hit by an NYPD tow truck on the west side bike path, the woman killed by a dump truck in Far Rockaway, and now a filmmaker on Houston). So all this seems pretty trivial in comparison. Of course there is the obvious point that between getting arrested or getting killed, riding a bike in this city is a dangerous undertaking by any standards. Details of the fatalities on Bike Blog.



Here's some Disarray (from mid-80s Japan) courtesy of 7 Inch Punk. Cause my friend would be mad if I didn't post something punk and angry to go along with his arrest picture (one of many, unfortunately).

• Disarray - Social Victim

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  1. f tha police

  2. Yes indeed eff the police. If you don't mind me being nosy, what did they charge the guy with. I'm just kinda curious to see what kind of BS they came up with. I love that in a city that proclaims itself to be the capital of the world a person cannot ride a bicycle without either having drivers purposefully trying to hurt or scare you because they feel all eight lanes are inherently theirs and you have police busting your balls at every turn. Soooo cosmopolitan....

  3. misdemeanor-possession of a weapon-seriously!

  4. Did this take place in the East Village, around 1st or 2nd Ave? I live around there and every weekend I see several unmkarked black car arrest go down too...

    ...in response to the 3 bicyclist deaths, the cops should be going after reckless drivers, it's getting bad for us. A guy with a pocket knife isn't nowhere as dangerous as a man in a gas guzzling vehicle.