So I am off for a bit, heading out of town on matters of family concern (and for some necessary decompression time). I would say that I hope that some of the other Sucka-affiliates would step in and fill the gap I will be leaving due to the impending lack of internet access. . . but since that seems pretty unlikely, I'll just skip it. Apologies for the lack of attention as of late. Between some mad work schedules, preparing to sublet my apartment, working on the Mississippi raft project, and having a few of my personal relationships implode (with homeless-inducing results). . . things have been a bit hectic. On the plus side, one of my recent assignments was to photograph a party where a group of girls dressed as gnomes danced around together and stripped naked. I love this city.



It seems that everybody likes The Editors. Except for me. But if there's one thing we've proven around here, it's that a mediocre band can get a lot more attention if they cover a popular song. And so they did.

• The Editors - Feel Good Inc

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  1. pul-eeezzz tell me you're going to at least flick the gnome pics... shit i'm hot already!! (ha) sorry to hear that things aren't going as smoothly as they could be. lightspeed.

  2. so let me get this straight... a bunch of artists are going to build some boats out of plastic drums and foam, and power them with "bio-diesel and solar?" please tell me there's an engineer on board. if not, here's a free hint: you can't just put biodiesel into a regular diesel engine, it has to be converted. if the engines break down somewhere and you hear the dueling banjos, get ready to squeal.

  3. yep they're all gonna die. on the bright side, all those swoon pieces will become much more valuable.

  4. hey tod, a good friend of mine from school has done the mississippi thing 3 times, twice with self-made rafts. he is actually doing the ohio river from pittsburgh in a few weeks (the miss. must have become passe for his river crew). anyhow, he is probably a good source of tips and general information for you. give me a call if you are interested in contacting him.

  5. why wasn't i invited to this gnome party?!!?!?