(all above polaroid photos by Mike Brodie)

It's been a loooooong time since I've run across any photography that has really given me cause to pause. But that all changed when someone sent me a link to the work of Mike Brodie. He has a knack for capturing amazingly intimate portraits, mostly of people that could be said to be on the "fringes of society." Punks, train-hoppers, crusties, artists living in the woods, DIY-or-die type folks. People who are typically not the first to let others invade their protected privacy with a camera. . . unless of course you are one of them. I feel indebted to Mr. Brodie not only for his beautiful images, but also for reminding us that there are many people out there who don't like things the way they are, and they live their lives to change it.



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  1. incredible -- this guy is you, if you were born in another life. like, if the two of you were to shake hands, the earth might explode.

    startlingly good stuff. wonder if he shows his work? looking at his site, seems like a dude who just loves to take pictures and explore people and needs to sell his dog, and that's almost the best part.

    it's also bizarre timing, in light of your previous post.

  2. i've been looking at this site for over an hour now. i'm totally mesmerised. i fall in love easy. he's magical. he's a witch.

  3. wow! the world just shrank some more. cant help but smile when i see some familiar faces...but where's "gigi the clown"?(richmond,va).

  4. i'm falling with the rest.

  5. he comes out with a polaroid photo collective. i was lucky enough to get one a few years ago, keep your eye out for the next one! it was $15 but definately well worth it. it is in color and hand bound p.s (i might be in the next one!)

  6. awww its brontez gravy train. c'mon todd they're not all 'fringe society' folks, many are savvy punkster kids we all see around. i mean did you go to that tiny vices opening? it was ridiculous. i think his photos are great, the color ones much more so than the b/w, which is why he takes so many more color ones, but i'm a bit tired of this romanticization of the hobo. you can tell who are the really poor marginalized people in his photos by their general lack of style and large body mass index if ya know what i mean, esp in the florida series. this = my two cents. ps: this post echoes the comments over the two gallants and how they're rich kids from sf who project an image. as someone who's dated a friend of theirs from their high school, i can definitely assert that Universitiy is a bunch of rich kids, but your class does not define you. adam and tyson are awesome and i'm glad that they played my house. so are all the kids in brodie's photos i'm sure, they're just not as disenfranchised as we'd like to think. this aint no "let us now praise famous men." If there were brodie photos of kids in brooklyn, you'd be in it too! hart, china still cool.

  7. Did you check out his interview on FecalFace.com? Kid's only 20 years old!

  8. really beautiful work, thanks for pointing it out...