I had a delivery up in the east 90s tonight, and since I was headed home to Brooklyn after that, I decided to take the east side greenway for the first time. If I had any idea what it was like I would have stayed far away. Often narrow, poorly-lit, and mostly paved with brick-like cobblestone things, it was annoying to say the least. So as I'm grumbling to myself while approaching the 59th st. bridge, I find that the path suddenly just stops. You are forced to cross the JFK and then ride over 36 blocks down to 23rd st. to get back on, where it is also very dark and full of potholes. All in all, the trip on the "greenway" took me twice as long as taking an avenue, and was actually less enjoyable. Great job DOT, keep up the good work keeping NYC unpleasant.



I can't decide if I find this catchy, or obnoxious. What say you?

• Queens Of Noize - Indie Boys Don't Deserve It

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  1. Translator Swede5/25/2006 5:35 PM

    As you say, it's on the verge of being obnoxious, but I've to admit that I find it fairly catchy.

    Sorry to hear about your bad bike riding day,

    Be well.

  2. funny that you mention that, i had the exact same craptacular experience last week while riding on the east side greenway for the first time.


    it's terrible. if you follow the "bike" signs when you're forced back over FDR, it spits you onto 2nd avenue which is essentially a death trap.