(photos from "The Magnificent Mistake")

so a friend of mine put together an brilliant event last weekend. he organized a group dinner with musical performances inside a huge abandoned factory in brooklyn. and i was lucky enough to get to climb up and down rope ladders to attend along with about forty other people. it was truly amazing, and aside from the part where i got lost for over an hour with all the plates and forks, it went really well. so well in fact that the Village Voice wrote an article about it.



this track was recorded at the event of Marc Scrivo performing live while suspended from a rope in a 12 story tall cement tube. the sound was incredible, as it seeped and trickled to you from the dozens of holes in the floor that echoed his voice. when listening to it, picture yourself in near blackness, surrounded by shadowy figures shuffling about, on a huge open floor with dark holes every six feet or so that will plunge you to a certain death, and the only light being that leaking in through windows that look some twenty stories out over south brooklyn. it was like that, but better.

• Marc Scrivo - Phillipe

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. omg, they recorded the sound! so fabulous... although it doesn't compare to being there.