(photos from the 2006 Bicycle Film Festival in NYC: Bikes, Aa performing, crowd surfing during Matt & Kim, Brendt Barbur, ticket line, watching the films, foot down competition, track stand, skids, after party)

I know I'm really late on this, but here are photos from this year's Bicycle Film Festival. Some highlights in my mind were Peter Sutherland's "Pedal," "M.A.S.H." "God's Children," "Bike On Bike," and the much-discussed film with the Black Label Bike Club, "B.I.K.E."

"Pedal" was an informative and intimate look at a cross-section of NYC bike messengers, including a little trip into the subway tunnels to check out the sleeping quarters for one messenger.

"M.A.S.H." is going to do for track bikes what various videos and movies did for skateboarding and bmxs in the 80s. Tricks, skids, and smooth slippin' through traffic, it all looks so coooooool.

"God's Children" is a doc(moc?)umentary about kids in Arizona who get tired of bikes being stolen, so they set up traps to catch the thieves and then leave them bound in duct tape in the middle of the road with a sign saying "I steal bikes" taped to them. My heroes.

"Bike On Bike" is bike porn, which I didn't think could be done as well as it turned out. Amused and impressed.

And of course, the long-awaited "B.I.K.E." I was prepared for something much worse than what I saw, so I was pleasantly surprised. The Q & A got a little rowdy after the film, but Conrad from Black Label eventually got up and gave his opinion and I think everyone understood his stance pretty well. And for the dumbass in the audience who was complaining because there was footage of Black Label members driving a car to Minneapolis. . . when you ride YOUR bike from NYC to Minnesota, THEN you can sit there and call other people out for using petroleum-based transportation to get halfway across the country. Okay?



So to make up for the questionable taste in yesterday's musical selection, here's a killer cover I can't get enough of lately. Snowden doing The Zombies' "Time Of The Season." I love it when a band can actually make you love a great song even more.

• Snowden - Time Of The Season

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  1. I'm friends with Jordan and Dave of Snowden. Jordan gave me an advance copy of their upcoming full-length, Anti-Anti. Sooo good. Also, my housemate is redesigning their website. They play NYC fairly often, and I'm sure they'll be back up there soon. Check them live if you haven't. Great energy and the bass player (Corrine) is smoking.

  2. If you are die-hard anti-car, pro-bike, then:

    Driving a car across the country in order to ride a bike is okay.

    Driving a car in your own city in order to dumpster dive is not okay.

  3. It would seem that you have never had to dumpster for 40+ people then.