sorry i've been absent. i was upstate in the mountains assisting a friend on some photo production work, with zero cell phone and no internet for the majority of it. however there is a lot going on back here in nyc, including the always-anticipated Bicycle Film Festival. tonight is the opening night party at Union Pool with some awesome local acts. and it's pay-what-you-wish as a donation to the great legal organization Free Wheels. it's gonna be jump-around-knock-someone-down fun.


Bicycle Film Fest 2006! 
Opening Night Party at Union Pool in Brooklyn
Wednesday May 10 at 10pm
484 Union Ave at Meeker Avenue
Bands Bands and Fun
$ = by donation for Free Wheels

Matt and Kim
Home Video




i've previously posted tracks from two of the three bands playing tonight, so i figure it's best to round it out and get number three up here as well. here's Home Video with "Melon." definitely a darker, moodier, slightly more ambient approach than the other bands on the bill. fans of Pinback will be diggin' on this.

• Home Video - Melon

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. but plz do not slash the 1994 green Jeep Cherokee with NJ plates, Aa needs it to get home!

  2. congrats on your mention in the village voice, i was wondering if you were going to go to that. it's good to see you 'around'. -jamie