(bushwick is beautiful)

so i got stuck with jury duty today. it was an expected mix of bored, weird, and annoying. i feel like i should be able to give some perceptive insight into the brooklyn legal system, but all i can say is that jurors are a bunch of people who would rather be somewhere else. especially when it's really nice outside. after leaving, i was almost hit twice (on my bike) by cops running red lights. and then had the pleasure of watching a small white coupe fly down bushwick ave going about 55 mph. . . they had to swerve around a cop cruiser to avoid hitting it, and the cops just watched them go. but i'm glad to see they're so busy handing out all those bicycle violations. we wouldn't want those cyclists to run amok, someone might get hurt.



some of you are going to hate me for posting this. how could i possibly go from Crimpshrine to this feel-good laid-back pop? i honestly don't know, just go with what i feel. and lately i've been pretty stressed, so this is a mildly cheesy antidote. it does have some summer-cute potential, like slow jams in front of the fan. but don't worry, i'll post something better tomorrow. we're all allowed to have our off-days once in a while, after all.

• Under The Influence Of Giants - Mama's Room

look ma! i got myspaced!

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