do you remember your first punk tape? that first mix that some spikey-haired cool kid gave you that introduced your young and susceptible mind to the world of punk rock. . . remember that? i do. i still listen to it fairly often. and when i give away all my old tapes (in a month or so), you can bet that this will not be one of them. the only tapes i'll be keeping are a couple made by friends in high school, and all the ones my old roommate Ian made me. man that kid could make a killer mix tape. anyway, go dig up your first punk tape, blow the dust off of it, and leave the track listing in the comments. i'm really curious to hear what turned people to the punk side of life. here's mine:

Avail - March
Fifteen - Ain't Life A Drag
Fifteen - Petroleum Distillation
Fifteen - Perfection
Rancid - Radio, Radio, Radio
Rancid - Just A Feeling
Rancid - Someone's Gonna Die
Screeching Weasel - American Dream
Screeching Weasel - I Can See Clearly
Screeching Weasel - Veronica Hates Me
Screeching Weasel - I Wanna Be With You Tonight
Operation Ivy - Here We Go Again
Operation Ivy - Healthy Body, Sick Mind
Crimpshrine - Bricks
Crimpshrine - In My Mind
Crimpshrine - Sleep, What's That?
Crimpshrine - Tomorrow
Endpoint - Day's After
Endpoint - Caste
The Queers - I Hate Everything
The Queers - Fuck The World
The Queers - Drop The Attitude Fucker
The Queers - Ben Weasel
The Queers - Live This Life
Cringer - Cocktail Molotov
Cringer - Understand
Screeching Weasel - My Right
Screeching Weasel - Love
Screeching Weasel - I Wanna Be Naked
Screeching Weasel - Supermarket Fantasy
Propaghandi - Haillie Sellasse, Up Your Ass
Gorrilla Biscuits - Things We Say
Avail - Kiss Off (live show with interruption by skinheads)
Wire - 1 2 X U

and on a sad and slightly related note, Clovis book store on bedford apparently closed. i went by there today and they were selling their furniture out on the street. it was a neat little book store. . . now it'll probably end up being the first starbucks in brooklyn or something. oh, and it's related cause Aaron Cometbus used to work there (see below for details).



i love all the bands on that tape, and would probably post all of them if i had a lot more free time. but whatever. one of the gems by far is the extremely-influential band Crimpshrine. composed of members that would later go on to lead the band Fifteen (Jeff Ott), head Maximum Rock N Roll (Paul Curran), and Aaron Cometbus of Cometbus zine fame. . . to call them a punk powerhouse would be an understatement.

• Crimpshrine - Tomorrow

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. fast times- where were you
    fast times- riot act
    fast times- golden girl
    idk- 99 red balloons cover
    rorschach- autopsy
    descendents- silly girl
    descendents- good good things
    descendents- can't go back
    worthless- riot at the mall
    presidents of the united states of america- peaches
    go-gos- we got the beat
    bratmobile- what's wrong with you
    civ-set your goals
    dead nation- comming back to babylon
    dead nation- i hate cenk
    fanshen-guil t
    kid dynamite- s.o.s
    kid dynamite- threes a party
    life's halt/what happens next split- ?
    token entry- jaybird
    the assistant- i dont believe
    chain of strength- true till death
    wide awake- last straw
    AAA- all fall down
    shelter- enough
    texas is the reason- back and to the left
    weezer-in the garage

  2. I was in high school in the mid 1980s in East Texas... a kid at my summer camp heard me listening to the Cramps and gave me a tape he had made for himself. Punk records were pretty hard to come by so I had only read about many of the bands on the tape... I can't tell you how many times I've listened to this one over the years. Still sounds fresh to my ears.

    The Judy's - Guyana Punch
    The Cramps - Human Fly
    The Germs - Communist Eyes
    The Ramones - Judy is a Punk
    Black Flag - Family Man
    Black Flag - Louie Louie
    Dead Kennedys - Dog Bite
    Camper Van Beethoven - Stalin's Cadillac
    Hüsker Du - Flip Your Wig
    Circle Jerks - Beverly Hills
    The Judys - All the Pretty Girls
    The Monochrome Set - The Monochrome Set
    The Fall - Frightened
    Iggy Pop - Gimme Danger
    Minutemen - Corona
    New York Dolls - Frankenstein
    Disco in Moscow - The Vibrators
    Richard Hell - Blank Generation
    Talking Heads - Don't Worry about the Government
    Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen

  3. if I was to make a punk rock comp tape right now I'd put

    1) Scarry Thought - Jill (great Texas pop punk band)
    2) Making Out - Automatics
    3) Makes No Sense At all - Husker Du
    4)Manny, Mo, & Jack - the Dickies
    5)Celeste - Jolt
    6) Real Jannelle - Bratmobile
    7) Let's Fucking go - Spazz
    8) Good Life - Bonecrusher
    9)Astray - Catapult (90's Las Vegas punk)
    10)I want to see Faye Wong - J Church
    11)Disorder - Joy Division
    12)Lipstick - Buzzcocks
    13)DIY or Die - DS13
    14)Quit yourJob - the Fixtures
    15)the Kill - Naplam Death
    16)Drink Today - Reatards
    17)One Man Riot - Klinefelter
    18)Eye For An Eye - Corrosion Of Conformity
    19)A Bitch Called Hope - blood for Blood
    20) I'd take the track from the end of the Flipper tape "blown Chunks" where it repeats over & over again "turn the tape over now"

    also since this is a punk tape it'd probably have closer to 60 songs on it if I really made it

  4. Pirate Jenny5/02/2006 12:53 PM

    Clovis closed?!?!?!!! What the hell! That is terrible news. I loved that place so much.

  5. rancid - roots radicals
    anti flag - die for the government
    dead kennedys - california über alles
    new york dolls - personality crises
    garotos podres - suburbio operário
    green day - knowledge, from operation ivy
    green day - my generation, the who
    ramones clash and pistols...

    yesterday i was watching that tim armstrong dvd with rancid, lars frederiksen and the bastards, iggy pop, necromatix..
    i waked up SO punk today.

  6. on the clovis front...


    in case there was any hopes that it was a misprint.

  7. funny that you mention this...i was going thru all my old tapes and deciding which ones i could do without.
    but regardless, my first p-rock mix tape was from an engilsh teacher i had during a high school summer course. her name was tracy salka.
    i later used to run into her at the mall after she had had a baby...but ill always remember what she said when she gave it to me "you seem like you could use a little more angst in your life so i made this for you. hope you like it..."

    fuckin awesome!