just a quick one about the recent development this weekend from philly in regards to the new Green Scare legislation. pics from the Swoon/Solovei/Alison Corrie opening coming soon.


Gov. Rendell Meets With Anarchist Black Cross

On Friday April 7th, about 25 people joined with organizers of the
Philadelphia Anarchist Black Cross in front of Governor Ed Rendell's
office to voice their opposition to HB213. This bill will label anyone a
"terrorist" who engages in civil disobedience against institutions that harm the earth or animals, and carry with it a 40 year jail sentence and/or $100,000 fine. It is designed to crush the environmental and animal rights movements, as similar tactics would not receive the same charge if waged against an abortion clinic.

After an hour of handbilling the Broad Street rush-hour traffic, two
spokespeople were invited to Governor Rendell's office to speak with him personally about the law. At the meeting, the Governor said that he had not heard of or read the bill he is scheduled to sign. When our people read it to him, he said he had strong reservations about it. He also said that if the Anarchist Black Cross drafted an analysis of HB213, he would consider it while making his decision on whether or not to sign the bill.

We are in the process of writing this analysis with lawyers, and will fax it to the Governor promptly.

We feel that this meeting is a very positive step in bringing down HB213, but we cannot ease up until the law has been totally defeated.

We are calling on all concerned citizens to CALL GOVERNOR RENDELL several times per day within the next week. Remind him that he hates this criminal move by the PA House and Senate as much as we do!

Here are the phone numbers for all of his offices:

Philadelphia: 215-560-2640
Scranton: 570-614-2090
Erie: 814-878-5719
Pittsburgh: 412-565-5700

The text of the bill is available online here

This law is part of a campaign being waged by all levels of government against the environmental and animal rights movements. The FBI has named this campaign Operation Backfire; those of us who know better are calling it the Green Scare, like the Red Scare which once targeted communists. To read more about the Green Scare, visit Wikipedia > Green Scare.

If you would like to receive updates on or help organize resistance to the Green Scare, please send an email to philly_abc@riseup.net. Be in Philly on June 9-11 for a whole Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare.




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• Radio Berlin - Twelve Fingers

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