so a friend of mine, Lars, wrote an article for a swedish newspaper about the bike culture in nyc. i would summarize the article, but i can't read swedish. from what i could discern, these are some of the familiar names mentioned in the article:

Brandie Bailey
the Ghostbikes
Black Label Bike Club
BLBC's Masquerade Ballers party
The Wreck Room
the Voice Bike Gang article
Mr. Andersonic
the RNC Critical Mass
Brendt Barbur
the Bicycle Film Festival
and Sucka Pants

if anyone can translate the article i would appreciate it. apparently google and babelfish don't consider swedish a worthwhile language.



so Spank Rock previously won best lyric of SXSW ("shake it till my dick gets racist," in case you forgot). this guy is no stranger to the irresistible beatsmith duo Hollertronix, a pairing that seems fated since the birth of hip hop. all the baltimore booty bounce you can handle. so step up, summer's comin' soon. . . and it's not summer till your sweaty, dancing, and everyone around you is half-naked.

• Spank Rock - Touch Me

• Spank Rock + Amanda Blank - Blow

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. Hey Sucka-
    Try www.systran.net. It has a Swedish to English translation (albeit the last option on the page). It comes across well enough to undersatand but it is NOT a direct translation: village forklift = garbage truck?

    Thanks for the good pics, info & songs!