so i got into a chat while working today about the difference between where i used to live (bed-stuy) and where i live now (bushwick). strangely, a lot of the differences seemed to boil down to the fact that i haven't been in my neighborhood long enough to accumulate all the bad experiences/associations/memories/ghosts that i racked up in 7 years in bed-stuy. i guess it really is true. after all those years, each street corner had a story, and it was usually a bad one. in a less-than-ten-minute walk to the grocery store, i would pass places where friends had been: mugged (sometimes at gunpoint), attacked, sexually assaulted, raped, hit by a car, randomly hit in the head by a glass bottle, had trash thrown on them, seen a shooting, seen someone else attacked/stabbed. . . and all of this culminated with the time when i had friends visiting from australia. i took them to the supermarket to get food (they were visiting for a good while) and it was cordoned off with police tape due to a homicide. oh beautiful, sad, broken brooklyn. . . how sharp thy teeth gleam in the stale settling sunlight.



still kind of burned out. still kind of waiting for my SXSW wish list hookup to come through. still going on the covers. here's The Ataris doing my favorite Billy Bragg song. no idea why i like this song so much. it just gets you close enough to "right there" to always end up on your playlist. strange chemistry.

• The Ataris - A New England

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. - i haven't been in ny that long but I have heard something about bed-stuy

  2. can i ask, what part of bedstuy were you in, and how long ago did you leave? i guess bushwick is nothing but gravy, relativley.

  3. near bedford-nostrand. been in bushwick a mere two years, but would like to stay. just figuring i'll be gentrified out in less than another two when the williamsburg development sends all the hipster-yuppies our way like a plague of rats. guess we'll see.

  4. I'm in Bushwick, way out at the Dekalb L stop. I don't see too many signs of gentrification, more like latinization. No nasty stories either, just great mexican food. Cocoyoc near Greene and Wyckoff is the shit.
    From what I hear Bushwick was a scary place until like six years ago.

  5. yeah, that's a bit deeper in than where i've ended up, so far anyway. there is great mexican, i love chile verde on bushwick. and yeah i have heard stories of years ago when people living around where i do parked their car off the bedford stop and took the train home. otherwise they would end up with smashed windows, just for fun.