Parts & Labor cd release show this saturday, killer line-up = not to be missed. and the noise-pop boys are hitting the road right after for a one month tour, make sure not to miss them when they come to your town. even Fluxblog agrees:

"Parts & Labor were the most intense act that I saw at the festival (SXSW) by far. As Dan Friel went at his array of electronic gadgets like an enthusiastic little boy, Chris Weingarten beat the shit out of his drum set as if they had killed his entire family line. Even with all the trebly noise and the rhythmic aggression, the band never abandoned melodies and hooks, resulting in a rather excellent and unique form of post-hardcore noise pop."

check it out. . .


Hello friends,

Our new record, "Stay Afraid", comes out next week on
April 11th! We're very excited.

We're also excited for this Saturday, our record release
party at North Six. We're playing with some of our
closest friends and favorite musicians: Oneida, Ex Models,
Kyp Malone, and The Good Good. Come out!

And then next week we'll be leaving for a one month U.S.
and Canada tour. We have new t-shirts being screened as
I type this (hopefully available at the show on Saturday)
and the new record is also now available for mail order
on our website.

Hope to see you soon,


Parts & Labor's "Stay Afraid" Record Release Party!
Saturday, April 8th, with:

KYP MALONE (of TV On The Radio)

@ North Six (66 N. 6th St. Brooklyn, NY)
8PM / $8
North Six


Parts & Labor "Stay Afraid" Spring Tour 2006

04.13.06 T.T. the Bear's (Cambridge, MA) +
04.14.06 La Sala Rossa (Montreal, QC) +
04.15.06 El Mocambo (Toronto, ON) +
04.16.06 Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL) +
04.17.06 Mode Art Gallery (Davenport, IA) +
04.19.06 Hi-Dive (Denver, CO) +
04.20.06 Kayo (Salt Lake City, UT) +
04.21.06 Higgins Hall (Missoula, MT) +
04.22.06 Crocodile Cafe (Seattle, WA) +
04.23.06 Media Club (Vancouver, BC) +
04.24.06 Towne Lounge (Portland, OR) +
04.25.06 G Street Pub (Davis, CA)
04.27.06 Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco, CA) +#
04.28.06 Echo (Los Angeles, CA) +#
04.29.06 Modified (Phoenix, AZ) +#
05.01.06 Emo's (Austin, TX) +#
05.02.06 Rubber Gloves (Denton, TX) +#
05.03.06 Downtown Music Hall (Little Rock, AR) +#
05.04.06 The Pilot Light (Knoxville, TN) +#
05.05.06 Wedge Gallery (Asheville, NC) +#
05.06.06 Relative Theory Records (Norfolk, VA) +#
05.08.06 Inside/Outside Gallery (Cleveland, OH)
05.09.06 Mac's (Lansing, MI)
05.10.06 Kitchen Distribution (Buffalo, NY)
05.11.06 Mr. Roboto Project (Pittsburgh, PA) %
05.12.06 Mill Creek Tavern (Philadelphia, PA) %
05.13.06 Floristree Space (Baltimore, MD) +%

+ with Wilderness
# with Year Future
% with Measles Mumps Rubella


Parts & Labor
Brah Records
Cardboard Records




i grew up shy and catholic, serving 10 years in parochial school. when you are scared of people and struggling to make sense of religion in the real world, your imagination tends to bloom. one thing that was always shoved down our throats was the evil of abortion. at the time, in 4th grade or so, i understood very little of how complicated this issue was in real life. so the idea of abortion being wrong seemed pretty simple, killing cute babies was bad. eventually my mind began to run with this idea. the movies had taught me that everyone had a true love, a soul mate. but if babies were being killed before they were born, didn't that mean that people's soul mate's were being destroyed? so that eventually, we would end up with a world where many people spent their entire lives searching in vain for a soul mate that didn't exist. i became afraid that this would happen to me, that my soul mate would never be born. and then i grew up, and life got a lot more complex, and i forgot about the whole thing. until i heard this song and it reminded me of it.

• Townes Van Zandt - Two Girls

look ma! i got myspaced!

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