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A new series of monthly benefit concerts designed to aid causes of direct social action.

The first show is happening soon so check the details below and mark the day:

Friday April 14th
The Brooklyn Lyceum
227 4th Ave @ the corner of President St.
(R to Union St. or B,D,N,Q,2,3,4,5 to Atlantic/Pacific - walk south)

7:45-8:30: Diane Cluck
8:45-9:30: The Redcoats Are Coming!
9:45-10:30: Miguel Mendez
10:45-11:45: Oakley Hall

w/ live video by Lady Firefly and mixes by The Pirate Hat

10 dollars, doors at 7

All net proceeds to benefit the Common Ground Collective relief organization in New Orleans. They are doing amazing rebuilding work there with no beaurocratic waste. Check the info below and know that your money is going straight to those who need it and not towards administrative salaries.

Advanced tickets are available now at the Brooklyn Lyceum and at Other Music (15 E 4th St, NYC) beginning on Tuesday, April 4th. Check the Injection Benefit soon for full information.

The Musicians:
- Diane Cluck
"Cluck sculpts utterly beguiling nuggets of acoustic folk/pop which, although minimal, never feel underdeveloped. With an emotional impact that punches well above its weight [her music] cast webs of velvety melody around profoundly personal lyrics. Naïve and all the better for it." There is a video on punkcast.com of her performing a few years back - check it out.

- The Redcoats Are Coming!
"The Redcoats Are Coming! are Richel, Jessica, and Sarah from Brooklyn, NY. Their sound is dark and seductive, incorporating two guitars, a baritone guitar, keyboard, eerie sound effects and drum machines. These musicians are rocking and deadly and creepy and insane and fashionable and classy and talented, and also well-groomed and hygienic and nutritionally aware."

- Miguel Mendez
"Mendez was born and raised in the LBC and attended Snoop Dogg's school, Long Beach Polytechnic. Unlike many of his so-called contemporaries, Miguel really sings. His songs are affecting and unaffected. His new band sounds like Crazy Horse on acid, and anyone who's heard it knows that Miguel is the real deal."

- Oakley Hall
No quotations needed here. Every few years I get the feeling that I haven't heard anything real and sincere in a while and then a band like Oakley Hall comes along and completely knocks me out. I saw them on a whim a few months back and have not stopped raving about the show since (ask my friends). I am honored to have them be a part of the innaugural show and I implore you to get into their music.

Firefly Lab with the video art - The Pirate Hat with the tunes and reviews

The Cause:
The Common Ground Collective is a community-started organization in New Orleans that provides the most direct assistance possible to the thousands of people still struggling with the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. With a boots on the ground approach they are able to sidestep beaurocracy and misdirected funds and initiate the kinds of aid programs that are needed most. Common Ground has established free medical clinics and food distribution centers in the neighborhoods where relief has been slow to reach. They have established tutoring programs to service the children of the public school system who have no school to attend. They are currently in active demonstrations to push for anti-eviction legislation for the displaced citizens given temporary housing in hotels but who are now being ordered out by FEMA. They are also in the midst of starting a newspaper to report on the events occuring on the grounds of New Orleans that are no longer being covered by national media outlets. Solidarity extends beyond city lines, and we need to show our continued support. Please visit their website - to learn more about the organization and the urgent need that still exists in New Orleans.

Please contact me at jobcain@gmail.com or visit Injection Benefit if you want to be involved with this project in any way. The more participation we get, the more momentum we can build. Spread the word!




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