(photos from Matt & Kim's "welcome home" show last night with crazy-fun guys Death Set. it was so hot and sweaty that my lens kept fogging over repeatedly. and when the cops showed up to bust it up, even they were talking about how hot it was in there. crappy video i shot here, wait till the middle for it to get interesting)

another demolition party tonight, in greenpoint. this one is getting knocked down to build more condos. . . cause ya know, we need more condos in brooklyn. the way things are going, demo parties are going to be a regular weekend event soon. sweet but bitter.


Last party @ a brownstone in Greenpoint before it gets torn down for condos being built on the spot. Two floors + a backyard. No holds-barred - dance demolition derby!

The Damage: $0
The Drinks: BYOB
The Dancing: Courtesy, your selector...

Peep the Radd Flyer

Sat, April 22, 11pm
684 Leonard
btwn Calyer & Meserole
Brooklyn, NY
G: Nassau
L: Bedford / B61
(p.s. Many 24 hour bodegas nearby for beer)

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if you missed last night, you missed a good time and some good bands. if you like Japanther, you're gonna wet yourself for these guys. i first saw them in richmond at the Slaughterama. they killed it. kiiiiiiiillllllled it. it's the muthaf*ckin' Death Set.

• Death Set - Paranoia

• Death Set - Negative Thinking

• Death Set - Around The World

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  1. that party was no demo party.

    fucking kids need to grow a pair.

  2. those kids didn't even know what the word "demolition" meant. . . but in 3 weeks you'll be demonstrating that concept to the fullest extent allowed by physics, i have a feeling.

  3. aside from the boy who looks like a girl, a few of the residents seemed to be rather amused with one of my friends punching out a window in the door and bleeding all over the floor, granted this was probably much later in the evening.

    girly boy did attempt to toss him out a good 45 minutes later when he found out though.

  4. riiiiight

    i totally fucking forgot about smashing the ceiling. that's whats stuck on the crowbar in the picture of that kid trying to stop me.

    i'll admit it. things got out of hand. i knew it was gonna get ugly when he tried tp bribe me to leave, giving me 3 beers and i just opened one up and poured it out on his couch.

    that was pretty fucked up.

    then i put an elbow through the glass window.


    3 weeks till that fucking place comes down.

  5. ha! did you guys see this? takes a minute to load Fucking hillarious. What a bunch of pussies (or just idiots for having a demo party weeks before they move out).