a mixed bag of links today:

Chevy teamed up with a show called the Apprentice to allow the public to create their own ads for the Chevy Tahoe. Unsurprisingly, some people didn't go along with the program (the good ones with swearing have already been deleted).

Rolling Stone's cover story: is Bush the worst president in history?.

and Jack White does a Coca Cola commercial.



this seems appropriately in line with the cover mentality of Rolling Stone. and although this sentiment hasn't been bantered around much since the '04 elections. . . i hesitate to say it's left the subconscious, as things continue to go steadily downhill. so here's some Cloud Cult, the same band that kicked off this little website back in the day with this track.

• Cloud Cult - Moving To Canada

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. nice try jack and coke, but someone with less money did it better, and more importantly, first: