(photos from the lovely secret Two Gallants show last night. good times)

the Two Gallants show last night was amazing. such a good time, such good people, such great crowd surfing, and so many funny drunk people. it was a bit weird when Spin magazine blitzed the crowd with model releases. but whatever. it was amazing. photos here, another crappy video i shot here.



so a friend of mine from back in my high school days recently got in touch with me about helping him find a show in nyc on July 14th for his new band, The Notes And Scratches. I went to work on it for him, and decided to give his new project a good listen. When this track came across my ears, i was hooked. a great balance of melancholy, tragedy, patience, hope, and death. all mixed with a tiny touch of that ironic black humor. we all dream of one day meeting someone we love so much that we would die for them. well it's always nice to live vicariously through others who've actually found it in the meantime.

• The Notes And Scratches - The Clockmakers Daughter

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. that spin lady was at the black dice show at high five space the other month too.

  2. dude thanks for answering your phone

  3. yeah sorry about that. if i had been able to hear it ring over the band, i would have been all over it.

  4. Two Gallants bothers me.

    I liked them when I first saw them, and admittedly I think they're pretty good, but I don't understand when rich kids want to act like they aren't rich.

    Poor people (me) only want to be rich, and rich people (two gallants) just want to be poor. It's so bizarre. Their parents are loaded and live in Pacific Heights and they have a really expensive publicist. It's the only reason that they get written up all over the place and are more successful than bands like Dirty Dirty or OCS.

    I'm over the Two Gallants blowjobbing, I won't write about them until I see triple digits.

  5. some people like good music, and leave politics/issues at the door. but i guess that's just some of us. the rest of you guys can miss a good show while your being cool and sour at home in your bedroom.

  6. Sorry. Politics aren't cool, etc etc. I'm not sour. I like them. Just saying.

  7. Jesus patrick, it took you a full 3 minutes to fold on that. what the fuck.

    if you dont like a band or think they pose too fucking hard or actually have some inside information that further angers you and you bother to speak up... stick to your fucking guns. at least longer than three minutes.

    c'mon boy. you cant wave the poor flag so hard and then when someone says, "hey. shut up about that." actually shut up. hey johnny blue collar, stand by your convictions.

    if you think they're bitches, say so. a bitch is a bitch is a bitch.

    I'm not even getting into shit about the band. I dont care. Everyone i know has a raging hard on for the band and when i say word one that is not in accordance with the velocity of their love thrusting, all i hear are crickets.

    so fuck that. but Patrik, if you start a fight have the cock to finish it. thats all. even if wrong, they'll respect you for the blood you lose.

  8. patrik, actually i'm with you. i guess i know what you mean.

  9. i don't know. i feel that what's important is less what you have or don't have (or were born into), it's what you do with yourself. if you were lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family and decided to make music and travel and play house shows and not be a prima-donna, then i'm behind you. we have enough rich-bitches running around being snobs as a way to make themselves feel like a worthwhile person (i don't get it either) that anyone who doesn't take that route is already a better person by me. it's less about being rich or poor, and more about being a good person instead of a snotty shit.