(I Love You at Stitch last week, a lot of fun)

in the past two days i have:
- seen a firefighter in full gear (minus the helmet) riding a bike past union square.
- watched a gang of guys in such cooler-than-thou duds that they looked like costumes taking tons of photos of the graffiti on the corner of spring and bowery.
- had to dodge at least half-a-dozen pedestrians strolling in the bike lane on 5th ave. double-parked cars nothing, it was the dudes in suits walking in the street that kept pushing me out into traffic.
- got a call from a friend who was outside my apartment to come down and help her take care of an injured bird while she took photos. it is nearly impossible to find any grass in my neighborhood.
- was told that my photography is "disgusting and repellent" (or something close to that), and that i shouldn't "glorify violence and self-destructiveness." well there won't be much for me to shoot at Slaughterama 3 if i take this advice, so i'll probably ignore it.

oh yeah, i'm going to be m.i.a. for a bit while in richmond for the Slaughterama 3. The Rattlesnake is playing with wonder boys O' Death and Sh-Sh-Sh-Shark Attack! on friday at 322 Troutman St. in bushwick. it's a loft party thing. he should post about it, promote himself, that sort of thing. but in case he doesn't, i just told you.



and another of the SXSW gems. Man Man are many men, all dressed in white, most with white face paint. They dance, they jump, they whimper, they wail, they pound, they pounce, they ramble, they rumble. there is a flavoring that reminds me of the Gogol Bordello school of gypsy-rock, but i don't think it extends much beyond a taste. and besides, i'm a sucker for multiple vocalists.

• Man Man - Van Helsing Boombox

• Man Man - Engwish Bwudd

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. wow, disgusting and repellent?


    who the hell said that?

    fuck that wretched bitch.

    You've got me tuning in on a regular basis, dont stop the shitstorm. I need these pictures of decapitated mice and random sets of tits.

    god bless the workin man.