link day. . . and it's a depressing one.

the government is really interested in locking up all the hippies with new legislation trying to turn eco-terrorists into al-qaeda. it's already hit round one with Daniel McGowan's case. they'll probably start going after the freegans next, damn thieves that they are.

and in case you thought that the williamsburg waterfront development wasn't just the beginning, a nice google maps hack shows us what's in store for the (huge) navy yards. better take some photos of that manhattan skyline, cause pretty soon it's going to cost you a premium to get a peek. just more of the selling out of brooklyn.

and the NY Times hammers the last nail in the coffin that was bushwick, brooklyn. their sunday magazine real estate issue not only extolls the virtues of bougewick, but gives a handy two-page map with little photos of all the accoutrements to be had in the area. and so bushwick bites the dust (but you knew that). the worst part? my building is already for sale.



a subdued take on a rather raucous track. . . Vyvienne Long covers The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" with subtle strings and handclaps. gotta love it.

• Vyvienne Long - Seven Nation Army

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  1. funny...i always seem to be moving out of these 'up and coming' neighborhoods at the exact moment when they start with the building and gentrification. what do you think that means? ...about me?.... maybe that i have some inherent quality to predict on getting out while the getting is good?...i wonder....how long will it take my current 'rent stablized' dwelling to fall to the corcoran group vultures?

  2. It's cool, man. I'll buy your building and let you stay rent-free. Long live the bourgeoisie!

  3. you would SO rule!!
    ill come find your ass when that time comes.