Slaughterama 3 is upon us. Prepare yourselves for the carnage to come. . . and some bike riding, drinking, dancing, and general partying along with it. brought to you by your friendly (but not so local) Cutthroats. it's all about the richmond.



Friday March 31:
All Slaughter's Eve Scavenger Hunt
5PM Holly St Park / FREE
Off the chain! If you raced Ides of March, think of that times 5. Less racing and a little more sweet shit. Be prepared to have an awesome time doing crazy things on two wheels. This is NOT a dude fest. This is for everyone. Ends at the Hollywood Grill at 8PM for the Oregon Hill Art Show.

10PM at AlleyKatz is the Waste show. Winning team for the scavenger hunt gets in free. Municipal Waste, FACE DOWN IN SHIT, Baroness, Magruder Grind. See you in the pit.

Saturday APRIL FIRST::::::

This is most easily the best thing that will have happened to you thus far in your life.

People are coming from all over the country to hang out with you.

It's a pretty easy choice. There's nothing on TV anyway.

Black Label NYC, Rat Patrol Chicago, GRCD, Spud Boys, Rainbow Sprinkles Delaware, The Florida Kids, The Horribles, PBR Street Team, ZOOBOMB Portland, Chunk SIX SIX SIX, TEXAS, Loners, Mustache Ridaz, VB,Your Mom ETC. oh and the dudes from Fine Foods. They are so tight.

We got it. Get your team (up to six, duh; but less or more we dont care) for the Six Pack Attack, footdown, Polo, Tall Bike Jousts, EVERYTHING. YOU SHOULD HAVE BICYCLES AND COSTUMES. The jams will be pumped. Carnage will be witnessed. Your weak mind will be blown.

The EMTs and many Videocameras will be there to document your fucked up mug into the tomes of fun history.

PS> If you aren't coming to have fun, then don't bother. Leave the thousand dollar bikes at home. Leave the bad attitude, leave the hangover. Quit Condescending. Remember, we're your friends!

And if that wasn't enough...

There's a party. and you're invited.

Come to the island, we'll tell you where it is.

There's gonna be free beer, and some awesome bands playing.

Show me the pink - PDX crew what!
Death Set - Baltimore
Free Cocaine - Cut Throats house band. (opivybeastieboysdescendentsgorillabiscuits...)

Conrad and James from the BLBC spinning the booty jams til yo' ass drops off.

All night!


If you arent dead or in the hospital by sunday,

There's a BMX Ramp Jam in the west end. Rad is gonna rock the projector. The best Scooter rider in the world will be there (no shit!). BBQ style too!

Other than BFD V this is going to be the one weekend that you and your posse should not miss.

I'll give a dollar to every person that doesn't have a smile on their face by the time the weekend is over.

<3 Cut Throats!




this is one of the aforementioned SXSW discoveries. i came across these guys playing in a parking lot near Fuck By Fuck You. totally drew me in, i changed the direction i was walking and stood there watching them perform. a bizarre combination of grind and electronic melodies. which you wouldn't think you could combine without the grind dominating, and i don't think you can really. instead Genghis Tron does each separately in the same song, with pretty impressive results.

• Genghis Tron - Rock Candy

• Genghis Tron - Arms

look ma! i got myspaced!

support fast slow, buy music

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