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so yeah, i got quoted in the Village Voice article about bicycle gangs (and was deftly ducked by the NY Times coverage of the Brooklyn Industries incident). this happened while i was sickly bobbing along in the Parts & Labor tour van on it's way back from SXSW, so i still haven't seen the actual thing. however my understanding is that it's a main story, with an illustration of an anarchy symbol made out of bike parts on the cover. i could go into the ridiculousness of slapping the "big A" on anything that bucks the mainstream, but i think Mike over at Bike Blog does a much better job here. i am not surprised in the least with the Voice's handling of this. the rule is simple: sensationalize anything to move your product. sadly the motivations behind the Voice and Fox News are really not that far apart. the whole thing has kind of exhausted me really. some people are crying the death of this subculture at the hands of big (or at least kinda big) media. but i think it's hardly the case. this will go the way of most Voice covers, off into the recycle bin. how many Voice covers can you actually remember? and how many really changed the way you live your life? at most, some kids in art school will discover tall bikes and build a few more than might have otherwise existed. that's probably it. we're not talking trucker hats and Britney Spears here, this does not appeal to most people. although if tall bikes became the new hummers, i couldn't be happier.



SXSW kicked my ass. i saw a lot of shows, and even a few good ones. there were some new discoveries that you'll be hearing from in the near future, but for now i have to focus on finding what's left of the life i put on pause before i took off. and so i keep the cover train rollin'. here's a quebecoise band called Dandiwind covering Men Without Hats' "Safety Dance." it's good. and their costumes are bananas too.

• Dandiwind - Safety Dance

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. Good post! (I hope that mouse is not in your kitchen). The echoing of the of the sharp healthy whiskers by the blood-matted fur spikes is just sad. on the other hand, the intact head and ears are rather cartoonish.

  2. I never read the Village Voice. For one thing, I don't see it around my neighborhood much. Maybe a few issues on the floor of the coffee shop, but that's about it. The other night, however, I noticed two huge bundles on the bench outside Brooklyn Natural. It was the issue with the tall bike cover, of course. I fell into their trap and picked up a copy just to see what they had to say about them. Not much, I thought, though it was fun to see you quoted. Like you said, it's already in my recycling bin.

    Nice mouse. Looks like somone must've needed the ear off his back.