being too busy to even keep track of eating really sucks. and speaking of really busy, i swung by the Scope Art Fair today to check out some friends. what bit i did get to see before the fire department kicked everybody out of the building looked pretty decent. there was a lot of the flashy more-cool-factor-product-than-art stuff, but then again what else have we come to expect at these art fairs anyway. the space was a lot better than the old hotel room approach too. definitely a good idea to check it out this weekend, and i heard word that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were performing at saturday's afterparty. anyone know anything about this?

oh, and the second leg of the Matt & Kim spring tour kicks off. it's gonna be a doosey. looking forward to seeing them in austin though. click here for the schedule.



just in case you may not have gotten your fill of Matt & Kim yet. . .

• Matt & Kim - Jesse Jane

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. ohhh....licentious....i had to look it up.
    i like words i have to look up.

  2. I like this -- loosing vs. losing. Not possible to get enough of Matt and Kim. And the YYYs? What the hell, were you too tired to mention this last night - who I gotsta talk to? Hook a girl up Sucka!