(more pics from the Union Docs show here)

so UFO tagged my shoes at the Japanther and Show Me The Pink show at Union Docs the other night. i had no idea. dude is smooth. now i have eyes in the back of my. . . uh, feet. while we're on topic, check out Japanther's website. there are some pics up from their recent touring.

and this is a little tip of the hat to all my cycling friends who have been hit by cars recently (luckily no one was seriously injured). i hate seeing people i care about and admire with scabs on their arms, legs, faces, whatever. you have this feeling like you should be able to help them, to protect them, to pull some late-night-movie heroism and jump in front of them to block the bullet car. but it doesn't work that way. otherwise i'm sure people like Brandie Bailey would still be with us. it's dangerous out there kids, keep an eye out for yourself and your friends. no one else is going to do it. no one else is going to care.



wow. where do i begin. i love richmond, i love portland, and now i love a band that is the child of people hailing from both. combining the good elements from those two cities is like making a new ice cream flavor that is so good you almost can't take it. or something. anyway, Show Me The Pink is just that. crazy, smart, sassy, dancey, sexy, and unabashedly rolling how they want. the six person setup take turns playing different instruments and freaking with the crowd (including a lead singer who plays keyboard, bass, and trumpet). to top it all off, after their set they become The Sprockettes "precision mini bike dance team." while it's only a small sample of their usual repertoire, it's definitely a lot of fun. if you're smart, you'll go catch these kids at the Cake Shop tonight (tuesday, march 28th). i'm going to see them this weekend in richmond, but you might want to not wait till they're a seven-hour bus ride away. just a thought.

• Show Me The Pink - Most Wanted Boy In The Room

• Show Me The Pink - The Anthem

look ma! i got myspaced!

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