um yeah, on tour. baltimore is always a mix of kind of weird, kind of cool, and pretty damn sketch. did not disappoint this time around. there was a homeless dude who kept kicking his shoe up in the air into an awning and then screaming obscenities at it when it fell back down. i was entertained. now i'm in lexington, KY near where my dad grew up. it's humid and foggy and slow. on the highway we'd come across these huge walls of fog and you could watch the cars ahead of you disappear suddenly as they were absorbed in to the mist. but for now it looks to be a lot of driving and stories about roadie's fucking ostriches until SXSW. my lil' sis is going to be down there too, it's gonna be sweet.



so i can't say that i am a Placebo fan. but this collaboration of sorts with VV (Alison) of The Kills is pretty damn decent. although i think if you removed VV from the equation you wouldn't have found it surfacing here. it's off Placebo's new album, which i can't say i've heard much of. but this song is kinda sexy.

• Placebo - Meds (With VV Of The Kills)

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. looks good with the gray too.

    you know how huge ostriches are, right? and tall. and vicious. they're not like goats. (shiver)