(SXSW bands: Parts & Labor, Lady Sovereign, DMBQ, Queens Of Noize, Matt & Kim, Von Iva, unknown, Hightower, stickers, An Albatross, batmobile, The Lonesome Doves, Night After Night, auto repair, The Fatal Flying Guillotines, alpaca kiss, Hey Willpower, Parts & Labor)

SXSW recap:
- best band/event/moment/thing = DMBQ smashing their drum kit with a hunk of limestone at the Todd P. showcase.
- worst band/event/moment/thing = MC Trachiotomy.
- most memorable lyric = "shake it till my dick gets racist" - Spank Rock.
- best free thing = the shoes they were out of by the time i got there.
- worst free thing = the ice cream from the Heartschallenger ice cream truck.
- best inside joke = dance dance dance dance don't dance.
- best idea = buying $30 bmx bikes to ride around SXSW as a bike gang.
- worst idea = butter in your coffee.
- best venue = Ms. Bea's a.k.a. The Rambler at the Todd P. showcase.
- worst venue = Zero Degrees.
- best breakfast = Freebird burrito.
- best lunch = Freebird burrito.
- best dinner = Freebird burrito.
- best reason to go to SXSW = the weather.
- most f*cked up thing = Andy Dick punching super-nice-guy (and SXSW employee) Jesse in the face twice because he stopped him from molesting a girl.



so i had previously mentioned that i hadn't come across a recording of Big A little a that i felt did them justice. well that has finally changed with their forthcoming album, gAme. it has a lot of the atmospheric, burgeoning, frantic-drumbeat-based energy that is the hallmark of their live performances. nothing can really compare to dancing yourself into a sweaty mess at one of their shows, but at least now you can enjoy this distinctive music at home in the comfort of chilling in your underwear.

• Big A little a - Manshake

• Big A little a - Thirteen

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. Looks like you had a terrible time!

  2. actually i was fighting the flu (and losing) during SXSW, so it was pretty rough at parts. at least i never ended up like the guy with food poisoning. staying up all night on the toilet with your head in a trash can is never a great way to party.

  3. No, but staying up all night on a trash can with your head in a toilet... well, there's just nothing better!
    Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound.

  4. you officially have THE BEST sxsw pictures I've seen.

    i missed big bear, and i'm still bummed about that. and i never made it over to miss bea's either.