so a movie based on two graffiti writers called "Quality Of Life" is coming to nyc. it's a small indie production, but the reviews and reception have been pretty solid. the director is apparently interested in sparking "a real dialogue about the role of graffiti in society and a serious questioning of the results of the criminalization of the art..." according to Josh MacPhee. however, the limited release of this film is heavily dependent on ticket sales, so the director is asking people to please pony up ahead of time and help him secure further screenings.


As you know, we are self-distributing Quality of Life in limited theaters before we release the dvd this summer. We played in SF for 6 strong weeks and are now set to embark upon our national release, including New York City April 6-12.
A strong showing in NYC will open doors for future screenings. At this point, the theater in New York has us booked for one week, one screening a day. We have proven that there is a strong and hungry audience for this film. However, since we are self-distributing and do not bring ad dollars to the table, the theater owners remain unconvinced. Which is where you come in.
The NYC theater has agreed to schedule more screenings if and only if we are able to sell a few tix. (Unlike a traditional booking which gets held over based on actual Box Office performance, calendar houses like this must book months in advance.) Please buy your tix today and help give us an opportunity to prove the film has legs.
If you live in or plan to be in NYC, please buy your tix today. If you are not in NYC, please forward this e-mail to anyone who is.
Thanks for your ongoing and unwavering support of this project. We would not be here without you.
See you at the movies!

Benjamin Morgan
Director, Quality of Life


see the trailer here, buy your tickets here.



so there was a request for something from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album. I've only heard a handful of tracks so far, and must admit i haven't been blown away really. . . but this one is my favorite one so far. a bit more low-key than the rest, it has a rolling playfulness that makes it really comfortable. it conjures up that moment when everything is just right. and that's hard to do.

• The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Let Me Know

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. Actually, that's on the single, not the album.

    Just so you know.

  2. yeah i noticed that in the tag in itunes. but since it's not out yet i didn't want to assume. when i assume, i'm usually wrong. but thanks.

  3. I saw the super preview screening of quality of life a few months ago and it was maybe the worst film i've ever seen. there were a lot of amazing street artists in the room who left laughing and maybe a little horrified at how trite and silly the film was. it's not really about decriminalizing graffiti writers and it's a poor follow-up to kids. Public Discourse is the documentary to see, not this half-ass dramatization. the movie had hope but it's just not believable at all. it seems like they must have a "street artist" consultant on board but were pretty clueless about making good movies.

  4. eh, i'd be lying if i said i was shocked. the trailer did seem a bit too hollywood, but i thought maybe if the story and acting were decent enough it would be okay. it's pretty obvious that the graf theme was just a gimmick. although i do find it odd to compare Public Discourse and this film, seeing as the former is a documentary and the latter pure fiction. thanks for the heads up though. . .

  5. wow, the story for this film looks exactly like bomb the system, just not as pretty.