(i used to know this girl. she wanted to be a veterinarian.)

one time when i was visiting my grandparents, i said i was bored (granted i was 11 or something at the time). they didn't speak to us for over 10 years. . . and now i am finally starting to understand.

i was going to list some events, but it feels kind of pointless now that there's my open bar .com. so if you're looking for feats of booze and good-lookin' folks, go check it out. i really need to just stay home and clean. i still haven't unpacked from moving back in this summer. . . or from moving 2 years ago actually. look, i've been busy! okay? just lay off, damn. and on that note, i'm thinking about having a "free day" in my backyard as soon as the weather breaks. everyone comes, brings stuff they don't want, and takes whatever else they do want. i know this is done occassionally in the politic-punk scene, but i'm lazy and don't know how to get all my stuff to those locations. so instead it's on my turf. oh, and it'll be a bbq too, hopefully.

and head's up for you people that plan ahead. next tuesday, Pete's Candy Store in brooklyn, O' Death, Lonesome Doves(?), and The Goddamn Rattlesnake. It will make you cry you'll be so happy. I'll try and get Rattlesnake to drop some of his signature, frequently-punctuated promotion on here. but i can't bug him too much cause then he'll just stay in his little room all the time listening to sappy emo. and we wouldn't want that, now would we?



holy wow i like this band, can't wait for their next album. maybe someday i'll get around to finding/editing the images i shot of them in brazil.

• The Kills - Monkey 23

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. shotgun. i call dibs on laying in the hammock the whole time.
    i called it early so no one else can fuck with me.

  2. thanks for this song

  3. There's a new Kills album on the way? Cool.

  4. just found your blog, very nice i must say, but yeah, don't want to burst your bubble or anything but monkey 23 is on their first album keep on your mean side.you may have a version of the album without that on that is different to mine cos i live across the pond in the uk, but yeah, it's not a 'new' song, sorry.

  5. yeah James, i guess the way i had it originally written was kind of confusing. i didn't mean that "Monkey 23" was off the new album, but rather one should listen to it and imagine how good the new album will (most likely) be. i however am beginning to doubt the rumors that led me to this belief, as i have been unable to track down any solid evidence since then. damn interweb, full of lies and conjecture. kind of like a White House press conference or Fox News.