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so Critical Mass was an odd one last night. the cops were in full form, helicopters, mad-dash pursuits, lying in wait, the usual shenanigans. except this time they weren't arresting people (although i did hear of a couple). this time they were handing out $200 summonses, plus 1 point against your license. mostly for running red lights, although apparently they would give you one even if you didn't, it just depended on whether or not they could catch you. it is definitely a sign of de-escalation, but perhaps a double-sided one. you no longer have to go spend your friday evening and saturday morning in the tombs. . . but now you're saddled with a $200 fine and marks against your driving record. and that's just on a first offense, next time you ride and get a ticket the fine is much larger. sort of making Critical Mass something only the very wealthy can afford. and i could be wrong, but that doesn't really seem to be the ecomonic bracket most riders are coming from.

in my last post i included some links to a recent article by the New York Times about the reckless police tactics used during Critical Mass. apparently a lot of people missed it, buried under the beheamoth of the Brooklyn Industries controversy. so i'm going to repost it here, just in case. . .

"and relatedly, The New York Times reports "Police Chase Cyclists". there's a pretty interesting video here with some great footage of thugs-in-action at various Critical Mass rides. admittedly the article warrants a bit of a "duh, where ya been?" response. but if you don't live and ride in nyc, there is a good chance that this NY Times coverage is the first you've heard of the tactics employed by the nypd. the real questions is when are we going to find out how many thousands of tax-payers dollars have been wasted on this montly cat-n-mouse game? so if you don't like what you see happening, please let them know. to learn more and support the Critical Mass rider's legal defense at Bicycle Defense Fund. tonight is february's Critical Mass, should be interesting to see what goes down.

here's another lil' film made at Black Label's Bike Kill III. courtesy of The Dirty Jersey Choppers."

and if anyone is feeling feisty, you may want to go check out the comments on the last post. apparently i'm a phony and we need to attack car dealerships. but i'll let you read it for yourself.



been seeing this make the rounds lately. it's lovely. a bit of twangy 50s surf guitar to start up, vocals that seem reminiscent of Gris Gris (but with less low-fi), Tapes N Tapes get you tappin' your foot and bobbin' your head right darn quick.

• Tapes 'N Tapes - Insistor

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. ah! im totally addicted to tapes 'n tapes right now. especially "icedbergs". and "cowbell". and "beach girls"...and them all! cant wait to see them live, whenever that may be. hurrah.