so Sucka's been sick and with broken internet. not a good combo. and Time-Warner's response to my complaint about busted internet? "we'll send someone over to look at it. . . in one to two weeks." screw that, i'll have fixed it myself by then.

however, it is not in vain that i have worn myself out to the point of misery. some parties have been had, some photos have been taken, some skin has been shown. this would be a good example.

oh and that crazy pillow fight happened at union square on saturday. check out the photos. i took at least a dozen flying-elbows-to-the-face for those pictures. so you better like 'em.



in my interest of arbitrariness, i decided to post the first song that played on my ipod today. and fortunately for you it was by Nouvelle Vague. the track was "Guns Of Brixton," originally by The Clash. but i also love their laid-back playful version of the Dead Kennedy's "Too Drunk To Fuck." so i had to post that one too. these tracks come from the first album from Nouvelle Vague, a collection of post-punk cover songs done bossa-nova style. this is probably all old news to you music folk, but damn if i care. enjoy.

• Nouvelle Vague - The Guns Of Brixton

• Nouvelle Vague - Too Drunk Too Fuck

look ma! i got myspaced!

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