(miss this guy yet? he almost looks civilized there.)

so a friend of mine works as a tattoo artist down in portland. she recently told a story about how this guy came into her shop with nipples tattooed on his ass-cheeks. yeah. that's right. well the reason that he came in to the shop was to get them pierced. the nipples. the ones on his ass. yes. i know. yep. i was in disbelief too, that is until she sent a photo. yeah. no it's real. it looks like Zipco might finally have a little bit of competition around here. bums everywhere are busting out their bunny suits.



the Two Gallants are great, i've posted about them before. well they have a new album coming out, and judging by this it's going to be in for some seriously heavy rotation on our little kitchen boombox. do yourself a favor and move on this before you have to follow all those boring trendy sitcoms desperately grasping to find some shred of real sentiment in their vapid plastic disposable worlds.

• Two Gallants - Las Cruces Jail

look ma! i got myspaced!

support the young lads, buy music


  1. almost civilized! that's because you can't hear someone talking in a photo! ha!

  2. they're so good.

    i like the carnival-esque songs.

  3. almost civilized, eh? I think we were quite civilized hiding from the police that day. Very civilized indeed.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that your friend is not beng truthfull with you. My name is Emerald, the kid with the ass nipples is Ben, and Im the one that pierced them. It was done in Portland, Or. Not Maryland. Please forward my email address to whomever told you they did the piercings, I will be glad to send them pictures of me doing them. Its emerald_eyed_maiven@yahoo.com, or check out my myspace to verify.

  5. Hey, actually the mistake is mine. My friend who sent me the photo has lived in both Maryland and Portland, where she worked as a tattoo artist. I'm sure I just got confused as to where she was when she sent me the photo. Sorry 'bout that, I'll make the correction. Thanks for the info.