so late notice, but if you're looking for something to do tonight. . . i highly recommend these two events, which fit together well if you're in the mood for a full evening.

"You Love Life" by Nick Waplington - booklaunch
In concurrence with the exhibition "Sit Up Straight, Eat From The Plate, Vegetables Meat, Pudding For A Treat," (Nick Walpington's first solo exhibition in six years). "You Love Life" is a limited edition of 1000 copies. The author will be present.
Roebling Hall, 606 W. 26th St., 6-8pm.

and one of my favorite live acts in nyc, Soft Circle (Hisham from Black Dice/Lightning Bolt) kills it at the Cake Shop. for those unfamiliar with Soft Circle, imagine Black Dice at their peak. . . post noise-and-fight-with-audience stage, and before the current whale-songs phase. that beautiful point with the heavy layered distortion, screamy looped vocals, and the intense spine-grabbing drumming to hold it all together and ram it in your head. well that's pretty much Soft Circle, crazy thing being that it's all done by one man, simultaneously. Hisham plays a full drum kit, guitar, sings, and distorts it all at the same time. mind-blowing and intense. . . you would be a fool to miss this guy.


9:00pm G Lucas Crane Vs Non-Horse

9:45pm Lexie Mountain

10:30pm Sandcats -----> Ryjan aka CEX & Robby from MILEMARKER

11:15pm Soft Circle ----------> Hisham Bharoocha, x Black Dice, Lightning Bolt

152 Ludlow St @ Rivington | Lower East Side, Manhattan
F-Delancey, JMZ-Essex | 8pm | $7 | 212.253.0036



i don't have any Soft Circle to post for you guys. but i do have some Black Octopus Lipstick Project. not the same thing by any means, but still really good. this track is from a collaborative remix album, with Octopus Project remixing tracks from Black Lipstick. hence the band name. get sexy with it, or something. yeah. . . damn i need some coffee.

• Black Octopus Lipstick Project - Haute Sinners

look ma! i got myspaced!

support sexy sea beasts, buy music

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