(bon voyage to Matt & Kim as they head off for a three month tour to take over the world. don't miss them!)

this saturday The Empty Vessel Project is hosting a little shindig down in gowanus. The EVP is an old navy boat that was saved from being scrapped and is in the process of being fixed up and turned into an arts and community space. but to do that, money is needed. lots of it. so come drop your five bucks to hang out, drink booze, and listen to music. it's as close as you can get to supporting pirates in your neighborhood.

A Musical Showcase with Cameron Hull and Erica Freas
An evening of tunes with fabulous musical guests and cheap wine in a beautiful Gowanus space.
8pm, $5, cheap bar
at Proteus Gowanus Interdisciplinary Gallery & Reading Room
543 Union at Nevins, Brooklyn



this is one of those bands i was kind of slow to taking in due to all the internet hype that was swirling around them as of late. most people think that's a good thing, but i find it to be a bit problematic. a LOT of mediocre bands are getting their "next big thing" stamp so quickly and easily that it's become rather treacherous to follow the leads. so i took my time getting around to giving Say Hi To Your Mom a serious listen. which ultimately turned out to be my loss. really solid song-making, i must say. distinct enough to set themselves apart, and yet catchy and poppy enough to keep their songs rolling in your head when you're trying to go to sleep. if you dug the last Spoonalbum, you're probably gonna fall in love with these guys. and i will mention that if you do like it, definitely go seek out their other album tracks,they're less melancholy than "Good Ghost" and are just as solid.
* Say Hi To Your Mom plays at Mercury Lounge on saturday with The King Of France and some band called Flemming headlining. SHTYM goes on at 10:30.

• Say Hi To Your Mom - I Think I'll Be A Good Ghost

look ma! i got myspaced!

support happiness, buy music.

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