so i went to see the new William Eggleston film, "Stranded In Canton" last night. it was pretty amazing, although the bobbly camera work gave me some serious motion sickness (my achilles heel). his friends were some crazy f*ckers back then ('72-'73). . . quaaludes, trannies, gun-play, lecherous old men, biting heads off of chickens, and amazing live blues performances. he did a brief q & a afterwards which was funny cause the man just doesn't say much. it was pretty great overall, although i might have enjoyed it better if i wasn't trying to keep my stomach from ending up on the floor the whole time. eh, whatever. i'm a pussy.

also, the verdict is in on the nypd VS Critical Mass appeal. . . CM = 2, NYPD = 0. read more about it here (article from the NY Times). oh, and here (Village Voice), and here (NY1). wow. i guess not everyone in a position of power has lost their head after all. hell yeah. where would we be without you, Gideon?



well the long-awaited new album from Casiotone For The Painfully Alone has finally leaked. and what should we find on the b-side, but a cover of one of my favorite songs to hear covered. CFTPA has a truly unique sound. . . a lost, tragic sentiment spun by a solo man and his keyboard. admittedly not a sound for everyone. but for those of us that have seen the road ahead drop off so steeply that it becomes a sheer cliff, there is something comforting here. and what better song to mix this all up with than Prince's "When You Were Mine?" yee-haw.

• Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - When You Were Mine

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  1. I fuckin love Critical Mass, Gideon, Norman, and Times Up!
    thanks t. for keepin me in the know!
    Its fuckin nuts, i see more and more bikes here in Mex CIty!
    love this place, and mos def miss BKLYN-NYC

  2. For those who compulsively advance-plan, CFTPA plays Glasshouse on March 22nd.

  3. def good but doesn't compare to the edith wong song or the tegan & sara cover of this song