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well you can't blame me for being tardy on this one, i JUST got the email tonight. Mr. Brad Downey is speaking about his unique brand of street sculpture and screening his documentary on nyc street art, "Public Discourse" at Pratt Institute tonight (thursday). the film is great, i included it in the street art show that i curated, "Street Magic" (which will be showing in chicago this summer). if you haven't seen the film, definitely go. even my super-midwestern mom dug it.


Pratt Institute presents Brad Downey

A presentation of his work including a screening of Public Discourse.
Thursday, February 9th, 7 pm.
Student Union, Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

For directions, click here.




so one thing i really enjoy is featuring unknown but great musicians. and this would pretty much be the epitome of that. Hang The Lights is the solo project of Josh from One Ring Zero. both bands come from the new "gypsy-rock" movement (think Gogol Bordello). whereas Bordello might lean more to the side of raucous foot-stomping and table dancing, One Ring Zero and Hang The Lights tend more toward the orchestral and melodic side of things. The first track is a veritable sea chantey. . . a somber tale, buoyed by the sound of an accordion and tinged with the briny taste of the depths below. how can you not like that? the second track is a bit more mellow, with tinges of country-esque flavor. give them both a listen and please leave some feedback, i think both Josh and i would appreciate it.

• Hang The Lights - Raise A Glass To Margo

• Hang The Lights - Haze And Hollow

look ma! i got myspaced!
and again!

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  1. bonus for those of you that read the comments: here's the video for the remix of "Sexy Results" by DFA1979. there are singing boobs, not work-safe.

  2. bro. sorry i stole this post from you. i was in a big hurry.