(you can also see more of these photos from a recent Rated X party here. and again, 18+ folks.)

so not to drop the ball entirely, i've got word of a great loft show to cement your weekend around. from Jawn of Aa. . .


whoaa saturday night is the night for fun!!! this is going to be one
of those sweaty crazy +++ Brooklyn loft shows for which our fine
borough is known far and wide, brought to you like you like it by
Todd P, don't even act like you're surprised!! Weird War = living
legend icon type guy Ian Svenious! and "Hi-Five Space" is that same
loft we played for Sean's last show with Quintron etc a couple months
ago, insanity

Saturday February 25th @ "HI-FIVE SPACE", 538 Johnson Ave @ Varick
Ave/ L to Morgan
$8, show'll probably start at 9:30-10ish w/Professor Murder

:: Weird War ------------> x Nation of Ulysses, Make-Up, Cupid Car Club
:::: Aa / BIG A little a
:::::: Meneguar
:::::::: Professor Murder

let's make some memories! together!

stay hungry!


you may recall that i posted some Professor Murder previously, AND there was that Aa video. and it's a loft show (= fun). don't blow this one like i did when i missed the Black Lips last weekend. don't be a me.



how 'bout some lounge metal? it's feeling like that kind of day to me. here's something from swedish act Hellsongs, a delicate cover of the classic Judas Priest anthem. . . done through a cute-n-clean swedish filter. i'm pretty sure they're all blonde too.

• Hellsongs - Breaking The Law

look ma! i got myspaced!

support those that dare, buy music

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