it's that time of year again, time to get sleazy for V-day. this year you are fortunate enough to have Stache and Shit Hammered bringing it to you opened up and ready to go. a slow-dance theme. . . complete with a bed on the dancefloor and a "7 minutes of heaven" room. come get all that action you fantasized about back in junior high.


SHIT HAMMERED the weekly party,
Tuesday Feb. 14th- Valentines Day Party
Free Vodka Drinks 10.30-11.30

Host / DJ- Darryl-Dane Nau
Resident DJ- Bastard (NC-17)
Guest DJ Stachemaster (BLBC)

2 Floors of Partying- Spencer Product's WE BITE downstairs.

Happy Ending
302 Broome St. (Between Forsythe and Eldridge)




and here's some Free Blood, one of the bastard off-spring of !!!. less frantic, more sleazy. almost makes it seem okay for that dude to be groping you from behind while he's "dancing." cause it's dirty, that's why.

• Free Blood - Never Hear Surf Music

look! i myspaced all over you!

support sleaze as a means to enlightenment, buy music

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