so the reports of january's Critical Mass ride have been pretty daunting. scooter cops hospitalized due to their own recklessness. fortunately they were treated immediately by a Critical Mass rider and Time's Up! volunteer who also happened to be an EMT. however the subsequent rampant retaliation by cops resulted in extremely reckless and dangreous behavior in the attempts to arrest riders. including "One rider [who] was also charged with assault when, witnesses say, he was yanked off his bike while it was still moving and his bicycle struck another officer." click on this link to read a very thorough report in the Village Voice. and just remember that crossing the line between civil servant and thuggish gang is never far away when dealing with the nypd.

however, on a positive note, you can now download the interview by David Lee Roth on 92.3 KROCK with Elizabeth Press and Andrew Lynn, two of the three directors of "Still We Ride." Mr. Van Halen is a regular bike rider, and doesn't own a car. apparently the parts where he defends Critical Mass against angry callers is pretty good. give it a listen.

and monday folks. . . come drink free beer, recount your war stories from the Idiotarod, and dance with other bikin' buddies. like you have anything better to do on a monday anyway.


Bicycle Film Festival Winter Party!
Presented by Anthem Magazine and Brendt Barbur

Monday January 30th - 10pm-4am
LIT - 93 2nd Avenue at E. Fifth St.

complimentary beer from Brooklyn Brewery 10:30-11:30

DJ's Brian DeGraw (Gang Gang Dance)
James F!@#$%^ Friedman (Defend Music)
Ted Shred (BFF)

Ride over on your bike: Valet Bicycle Parking provided by Crumpler Bags. Decor by Trackstar

For more info check out the BFF site:




from the dark-designer origins of Double Dagger comes a rather impressive offspring. . . The Materials. I don't know anything more about this band than what is on their myspace profile, but this song really caught my attention less than halfway through (you'll know which part i'm referring to). So i offer up to you another band that you're probably not going to find elsewhere. hope you dig it, son.

• Materials - What I Want

look ma! i got some myspace in my blood!

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