so Sucka Pants (.com) has been having a bit a rough go lately. from the beginning there has been an issue with people not being able to see the site due to someone somewhere classifying it as porn. then, the fotolog origin of this site (fotolog.net/sucka_pants) gets deleted due to an unwarrented complaint. after three years, poof. . . all gone. and lately you may have noticed i had added some google ads in the side bar (because until i start getting paid to take photos, creativity is required in the pursuit of the monthly rent payment). well apparently Sucka is too dirty for even the all-consuming google monster to get mixed up with. and thus i have been black-balled and ten-foot-poled. guess now i know what a dead skunk feels like.

on a better note, the Idiotarod is happening this saturday. for those unfamiliar, the Idiotarod is a variation on the great alaskan long-distance sled-dog race, the Iditarod. except instead of alaska, it happens in nyc. and instead of a sled, it's a shopping cart. and instead of dogs, it's people. the one thing the two events have in common? it's usually really f*cking cold. the idea for this was imported from san francisco. and while you may think them softies compared to the cold-as-hell nyc run. . . i do seem to remember there being a few hills in san fran. anyway, the race starts at 2 pm in brooklyn and ends in manhattan, with multiple booze-oriented checkpoints along the way. for details, click here.



oh brother. i don't know. i've got too much else on my mind right now. um, mid-sixites rock, in line with the Stones and the Animals. Van Morrison was the lead singer. they did a cover of a Dylan song that became one of my all time favorite songs (the Van Morrison version). enjoy.

• Them - Bright Lights Big City

look ma! i got myspaced!

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