this is a belated heads up for any san fran readers. . .


From KTVU: SF Cyclist Killed In Hit And Run

POSTED: 4:28 pm PST January 12, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO -- Police were looking for witnesses in a hit-and-run crash that took the life of a San Francisco bicyclist Thursday.

Sarah Tucker, 26, of San Francisco, was heading down Polk Street at about 2 a.m., according to Inspector Pat Tobin with the department's hit-and-run detail, when she came to a green light at the intersection of Geary Street.

A motorist driving a black Honda CR-V sport utility vehicle west on Geary apparently ran the red light, entering the intersection just before Tucker, who crashed into his passenger door.

"She sees him coming, she yells 'Hey,' that's what made some of the witnesses look up," Tobin said today. Tucker apparently did not have enough time to stop before slamming into the door of the Honda.

Tucker was catapulted off her bicycle, according to the Police Department, and landed in the street. She was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where she died at 9:46 a.m. The driver of the Honda is described as a black male, according to police. He apparently did not have any passengers with him. Damage to the door will be obvious, Tobin said. "All the witnesses said the passenger door had marked damage -- very noticeable," Tobin said. "All the witnesses got good looks at his face."

Any witnesses to the event itself or those who have spotted a black Honda CR-V with damage to the front passenger door are encouraged to call Tobin in the hit-and-run division at (415) 553-1641, or call the department's confidential tip line at (415) 575-4444


i hate to say it, but no big surprise. most people are not capable of driving in a conscientious manner. and a lot of people are just amazingly selfish assholes behind the wheel. was the 5 seconds that guy saved himself by running the red light worth someone's life? well it is now.



it's been a while since i've gone screamy around here. with variety being the spice of life and all that. so here's a nice solid frantic cover of Queen by The Blood Brothers. just when you were getting comfortable, too.

• The Blood Brothers - Under Pressure

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  1. yes yes yes
    blood brothers!!!

    this rules


  2. i love this pic...i really like your portraits and city pics...i just am amazed at how you create/capture mood. quiet has the most to say, and you seem to understand that. will you please make a compilation book so i can buy it? its just not the same online.

  3. i'd be more than happy to. . . just fine a publisher willing to take a risk on me, and we are all set. . .