holy crap. the Black Label Bicycle Club documentary is going to Slamdance. it's gonna be awwwwwwesome. . .

and on a bike-related note. . . if you missed the memorial ride for the 21 cyclists killed in nyc in 2005, Andrew Lynn over at Breathing Planet made a little documentary about it (he was also one of the directors of "Still We Ride"). i think it does a good job educating people about who has been lost and why the ride happened. . . further illustrated by the interaction with a cop when he tries to break up the ride. download it here.

and wouldn't these make great tattoos? sign me up, i've still got some room on my left buttock.



for some reason this mellow selection from the monumental album "Leviathan" (a concept album based on the novel "Moby Dick") by metal monsters Mastodon seems rather appropriate for this post dealing with violence, death, and the bicycles that connect them. or i could just really not be awake yet. not sure.

• Mastodon - Joseph Merrick

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  1. just so you know,

    your new google salesmanship links that rest comfortable above the suckapants logo just offered to sell bike shorts.

    but every link was for bike shorts.

    so it read like

    "Bike Shorts! Bike Shorts! Bike Shorts? ohhh.... Suckapants!"

    it made me laugh. take that shit off your site it looks ridiculous(sp?)

    all the best, break out that new camera already, Nukkapants.


  2. you find a way to send donations my way on a regular basis, and the little ads are gone. i'm just getting sick of hawking my possesions on ebay. besides, i think the bike shorts were funny.

    although, i won't say i am sold on the placement at the top. i'm still figuring this thing out.

  3. bill mcright is very talented. i bought a piece from him once. don't know if i'd want it on my buttock or not though... :) but your hieny is your business...