so it seems that today is "me day" by accident. . .

first, photos from The Idiotarod are up. go check out your friends looking ridiculous and having fun. . . also available at my brand-new, g-rated flickr profile, for those of you who are all into flickr and whatnot. this profile is mainly for events and such, since my other flickr profile has been determined "NIPSA" (Not in Public Site Areas) and cut off from the rest of flickr. a little nudity never hurt nobody, geez. . .

also, (this week only) you can see a music video for Death Cab For Cutie that i contributed footage for. it was directed by Cat Solen, and was shot all on super 8, which was fun. but don't sleep too long on this one, it expires soon. after that you'll have to go buy the dvd.



i have been sitting on this song forever. . . it's The Flaming Lips covering one of the very best White Stripes tunes, with some politically-oriented adjustment to the lyrics. rawer and a bit more distorted, it's very much what you would expect to get putting the Stripes through a Lips filter.

• The Flaming Lips - Seven Nation Army

look ma! i got myspaced!

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  1. I looked at over 2000 pictures from the Idiotarod yesterday and this def breaks top 10. I met that guy at the Delancey. He wasn't even in the race. He said it was just a good excuse to wear wings.

  2. yeah, i set up a brand new flickr account just to get in on that Idiotarod pool, but they still won't let my new account's tags show up on flickr either. i'm hoping it's only temporary. . .

  3. the death cab video is rad. which parts did you contribute - other than the shot from your living room?